We are at last taking possession of our flat in

04/25/2022 - 03:14

We are at last taking possession of our flat in Villa Sant'Angelo, L'Aquila and will be there from 16-23 May this year. I have put an order into Ikea in Chieti as we need basic furniture for the moment.  However they will not deliver a sofa bed or a bed to us.  This is not what is considered a Light delivery.  Any ideas where I can buy either a bed or sofa bed in L'Aquila which is a reasonable cost and quick delivery?





Mondo here may have what you want, but it looks like their delivery is now a whopping 14% of the total cost. There is Maisons here, but I don't know if they do what you are after or delivery. Neither are L'Aquila but both are near each other in Pescara Nord. Looking at where you are I suspect it will be difficult and you are right to look for a local shop as it would be better. Try Pagine Gialle here to look for something closer. For some reason I can't get access from here in the UK. It might be you have to wing it and pick a bed up in the likes of Ikea or the above. Note a basic base and a mattress (reti é materassi) might fit in a large car, but you would need to measure. If Mondo you would need to either pay online or go to the shop and pick up at the warehouse, post again if you want more info. 

I know it's several years ago, but we bought the flatpack beds and rolled up foam mattresses from IKEA.  They fitted in the car for transporting to our house 

A long shot it may be of help following on from Alan's post. We found Ikea, as you would suspect, followed the same product codes and indeed products in both the UK and Italy. So you could visit a UK Ikea to check if their flatpack would fit.