Hello,We bought a property in Marche at the end

04/19/2022 - 15:23


We bought a property in Marche at the end of last year and on a visit last week we enquired about bins at the property as we didn't have any. We have returned home to a bill for 460 Euro for the bins for the year! We will only be visiting approx 6 weeks out of the year until retirement. Can anyone tell me what they pay for their waste collection and if you get a discount as a non resident?




Was this your total tax bill, or just waste{tari}. 

We have a property in Italy and I pay full rate but my wife who is a resident receives a 50% discount on part of her bill. 

We currently pay approx 700 eu total per year for the both of us. 

We also only use it as a holiday home and have to drive the rubbish to an area about 2km away

My place - used about 10 weeks a year, costs approx €600 for Council Tax and €180 for the TARI  Rubbish Tax.

For the TARI I get collections of rubbish bags,  four or 5 times a week from the front gate  

  •   Monday - metal cans etc
  •   Tuesday - Paper
  •   Wednesday  - plastics
  •   Thursday  - Non-recyclable 
  •   Friday  - kitchen waste  (2 days a week in Summer)

We live in a small 'hamlet' of approx 20 houses, down a narrow road.  Collection is by a one man mini tipper truck which returns to a central area and tips its load into a "normal sized" rubbish lorry. This system of mini tipper operates throughout the commune area, even in the ,town', because of narrow streets

I can't remember the cost but we don't get any discount. In our part of Tuscany they are rolling out a system of individual bins for every household, we have 3 bins (glass, cartons, tins; food waste; non recyclable) and bags for paper. There is one or two collections every day. If you don't pay for rubbish collection then you cannot gets bins and so there is no collection. You cannot even use the council tip as they check you pay the rubbish fee.

Good spot by Clueless. Anyhow worth checking on what is offered. At my place they collect bulky items and garden pruning as part of the fee. You ring a free phone and they check your address is paying and then give you a code to put of the waste and a collection date. Doubt it is widespread but worth checking in case it is offered and you have old furniture and a garden.

I wish we had that setup. Our only option is to get it to the local tip ourselves. It's great that they take all waste but we did have to pay a local company to drive 4 lorry loads down over a couple of days. 

We bought an old mill and I spent 1 year filling jumbo bulk bags with all the junk and they shifted it in 2 days.