Hi. Just wondering if anyone has experienced and opinions of

06/15/2022 - 09:42

Hi. Just wondering if anyone has experienced and opinions of the Italian dental service? How did it compare to the UK regarding costs? I am sure the standard works be very good.




i don't know the uk costs , but italian are about

estrazione da 60 a 120 - euro

cura ... sicuramente non meno di 120

un impianto , in anestesia da poltrona ,  da 500 a 800

have a dental private hospital in italy , with convection with the italian sanitary sistem (SSN)


I wish I knew Ugo's dentist!   Italian dentists are expensive - the really cheap ones are sometimes not qualified, and just set up in someones garage - there are endless stories in the papers about this.  However, a crown will set you back around 600 euros, an implant around 1300-1600, a bridge about 1000.  Alot of ITalians go to Hungary or Malta for their dentistry if they need a big job.   Ask around and get personal recommendations (from someone with nice teeth!).  There is no state dentistry care, you can only get it as part of facial reconstruction or remedial surgery.  

Mody ... I'm sorry you have these bad experiences - I have been using my dentist for over 30 years and before by his father, who was my family's dentist, and now He is joined by his daughter - there are not only bad guys dentists in our' s Italy , and there are also good and scrupulous professionals, who apply honest prices, and also excellent clinics, especially in the maxillofacial area - One tells you that when the cars were without seat belts, in a bad accident, he bit into the steering wheel ..



True Ugo.   I have finally found the perfect dentist.  I needed a filling replacing last year,  one dentist gave me an estimate of 1500 because 'I need an implant' , another 1200 'it needs a root canal'  - I got it done for 100 ' 'that'll take 10 minutes'.   Its worth shopping around.  


I understand that it is far from Sicily .. But if a valid alternative is not found - a complete implant under deep anesthesia (patient awake in the dentist's chair), 1000- euro - they have an agreement with SSN - complete implant under total anesthesia (patient completely sedated in the operating room) 1000 euros for each implant - 2000 euros for the operating room and total anesthesia, including the night following the operation, in the hospital room -