Permesso di soggiornoHi I find myself planning to stay in

11/18/2022 - 04:11

Permesso di soggiorno

Hi I find myself planning to stay in Italy for approx 6 months next year. I won't be trying to work there just visiting.

I understand that I require a Permesso di soggiorno however my wife has Italian residency and I own a house there. 

Does any of the above make my application easier ( more likely to succeed?) And will an application most likely succeeded or is it still uncertain. 

Will make planning alot easier if I new how likely it is.

I can qualify for an Italian passport but as yet haven't started the process and appreciate its not the quick option.






Marginally easier - assuming you're a non European citizen,  you would apply for a permesso for motivi familiari and you have an address.  You will need to get the yellow kit from the PO and fill it in within 9 days of your arrival in Italy, and get it sent off.  Check online that you have all the documents necessary in the originals before you set off for Italy.  

Enghlish after brexit is NOT EU - You has to ask a  < residenza elettiva >

procedure at >

guidelinne to post office module filling at >

NOTE > you has to use Italian Healtcare company !

good luck




Have you looked at the uk government website?

Alan , Clueless write < stay in Italy for approx 6 months next year> with  government suggestion , him can go to italy for 90 days - then leave Italy for 180 days to be able to return again for only 90 days .... comfortable ....



The UK government website also suggests that approaches are made to the Italian Consulates in UK for advice on how to get approval for longer stays. 

It has some useful 'links' to facilitate/begin this process

The important thing is that talking to the Italian Consulates before travelling may (and I stress 'may') be beneficial


""To stay longer, to work or study, for business travel or for other reasons, you will need to meet the Italian government’s entry requirements. Check which type of visa and/or work permit you may need with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Italian Consulates in London, Manchester or Edinburgh before booking an appointment .""


it is my thought that it is not good to deceive anyone about entering and staying in the shenghen area



3> write -

Line 1> United Kingdom -

Line 2>  United Kingdom

Line 3>  point on - More than 90 days

Line 4> link to - tourism - visit to family / friends


Click on Go To Answer ..





If you think that suggesting that the UK government advice to talk to the Italin Consulates of Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs about visa options, is deceitful, may I suggest you review what you consider deceit to be.


Alan ,

chances are you have a different outlook on life than mine. This doesn't mean that I have to align with yours, nor that you have to align with mine - we are two sides of a coin .. that's all


If you are in the UK then it is better to visit the consulate websites and then visit the nearest consulate in London, Birmingham, not sure where else located, if you are lucky enough to live near to them. My experience is that they are poor at answering calls. Outside London the consular staff are busy and largely manned by volunteers.