I have a mortgage in Barclays Bank Milan, I have

03/23/2023 - 14:00

I have a mortgage in Barclays Bank Milan,   I have tried numerous times to contact them and in the end I had to fly to Milan to sort out the problem,  all I want is a statement of my account and to be able to talk to someone,  they continue to take money out of my account but I can not speak with anyone,  if I email them I get the generic email back saying they will be in touch.

Has anyone got a contact number please,  or even better is there someone I can speak to in England about it?






You may know all this but... 

Barclays italy sold all its private residential mortgages last year to Mediobanca - and they are now held by CheBanca.  

Barclays Italy is now run by Barclays Ireland (another benefit of BRexit) so the chances of speaking to someone in the UK is zero I would think.

If you want a balance, try enquiring about extinguishing your mortgage and they will have to tell you how much is left to pay off - you can download the form here: https://www.barclays.it/moduli/


Thank you for your help I have tried to speak to someone in Italy,  Ireland and England with no luck!  so I have now emailed Che banca where I have an account and asked if they can help.   It is almost impossible to sort this out,   and in the meantime they are taking more and more money from my account.


Thanks again


From Che Banca , connections about mortgages

Per eventuali chiarimenti è disponibile il Servizio Clienti Mutui al n° 02 32004046 attivo da lunedì a venerdì dalle 8.30 alle 18.00.


For any clarifications, the Mortgage Customer Service is available on 02 32004046, active from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 18.00.


Thank you for this information I have tried to call the mortgage customer service but they do not answer the phone,  do you an email address for them?   I Have an account with Che banca so I will contact them and ask them to advice me on how much it will cost me to pay the mortgage up in full as this is very stressfull not knowing how much they are going to take from my account each month.  Thank you for your help