Italian School Holidays

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01/16/2012 - 11:15

Can anyone tell me when the school holidays in italy are this easter - I have friends who are just about to book a skiing holiday in Italy close to Easter and want to avoid school holidays if possible - thanks in advance


  It may vary by area, but for Lombardia/Milan;-   School year 2011-2012 School year begins 5 September 2011(infant/nursery schools) 12 September 2011(primary/secondary schools) All Saints' Day (festa di tutti i Santi) 1 November 2011 Immaculate Conception (Immacolata Concezione) 8 December 2011 Christmas Break (vacanze Natalizie) 22 December 2011- 8 January 2012 Easter Break (vacanze Pasquali) 4 April - 11 April 2012 Liberation Day (Anniversario Liberazione) 25 April 2012 Labor Day (Festa del Lavoro) 1 May 2012 Republic Day (Festa della Repubblica) 2 June 2012 School year ends 9 June 2012(primary/ secondary schools) 29 June 2012

Our local (Le Marche) schools Easter holidays are 5 - 10 April. I would advise your friends to check out hotels etc very carefully - two years running we had to change ski hotels, and resort, at the last minute  as they decided to close before Easter despite having advertised that they would be open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Having said that, on both occasions it was a later Easter so fingers crossed they will be ok this year.

I always loved holidays when I was in college and high school. They all loved it this weekend. On this day, many Italians visit churches and cathedrals to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I remember that in some year, scammers hacked government data that day. Then I was reading about cyber security, used for that. Because it was interesting to know about it. This is exactly what I remember at Easter. In Rome, you can visit the Vatican and see the Easter mass, and in Naples - the people's parade. I was in Italy this year on vacation and was impressed by the beauty and mood of this holiday.