Does it make sense to buy a house close to

04/26/2023 - 16:22

Does it make sense to buy a house close to a small town in Tuscany if the house does not have water and sewer, but has electricity cables running into it, and would it be too expensive to get pipes for water and sewer installed since the town is only about 50-100 meters away? If anyone has an idea of ​​what it will cost, I would be happy too. 



If you are buying through a local Estate Agent,  I'd ask him/her for his/her advice on costs.  He may get estimates from local trades (if he wants the sale to go through)

(Advice based on my experience of my very useful Estate Agent when I purchased my place)

We had to to do on our house in Irpinia. Cost wasn't prohibitive but it took months to arrange - probably close to 6 months. It was then a 2 day job. So if you have the patience then I'd go for it but the water company won't act until you are the legal owner so it factor that in.