Good morning!I'm interested about a property in Lucca that

06/05/2023 - 06:12

Good morning!

I'm interested about a property in Lucca that is currently an office. I'd lkike to convert it to a house, is that feasible?

How long it would take if doable, and what would be the approximate cost? Is there any way the application would be unsuccesful?

Thank you!



the problem , is not the cost or the feasibility itself, but rather, if the property , according to the classification that has assigned the catasto and the urbanistica , that the municipality has assigned to it , can be changed - Therefore , the first thing to do is to question a local surveyor , about these two regulations 

I agree with Ugo. It is impossible to give an answer to you question. You need to put the same question to a local geometra or Architect or Engineer  - but they will need the Catasto details and a visit to the Comune to answer you. 

It would be easier and much cheaper for the purchaser if the current owner was to change the destination before the sale.  Would they be willing to do so?