Earthquake Insurance forholiday home owner from UK. Does anyone know

08/26/2021 - 11:29

Earthquake Insurance for holiday home owner from UK. Does anyone know a provider?



Assuming you will use an Italian insurance company I think most (all?) include (compulsory) earthquake insurance.

I use Groupama , but a simple Google for your Italian location with give Agencies that will sort you out.

There is no compulsory earthquake insurance in Italy and indeed some areas are not insurable.  There are Italian companies which offer earthquake cover - generali ,allianza, genertel are just three, but its an optional extra to contents and buildings.   Also the problem for foreigners is that the policy can require the house to be visited at least every 60 days, sometimes more often, which isnt always possible, in which case you may be forced onto the more expensive holiday home insurance providers such as Intasure.