Ciao!We are looking at a trip to the Piemonte

08/21/2023 - 11:49


We are looking at a trip to the Piemonte region the 1st two weeks of October, 2024 and are searching for a villa that can accomadate up to 15 people. 

If you have any recommendations of places I can contact to inquire about availability that would be wonderful .


Grazie mille,




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Sorry. Just checking if you are able to login to the community section of this site. When I try it isn't working.

Not a big issue but just enjoyed checking up on what others were up to occasionally.


Hi we have an ancient mill in north of Piedmont.

Beautiful location in the woods, on the banks of a river surrounded by mountains.

The renovation is currently being completed (finishing for Christmas).

The property is spread over 4 floors.

At present we have 7 double bedrooms and 1 kids room with bunk.

I am happy to send pictures and location details etc if interested.


Let me know.