Hello does anyone have a recommendation for an agency to

10/20/2023 - 05:00

Hello does anyone have a recommendation for an agency to apply for Italian passport?

As a family we have an inherited house in Italy and my daughter currently lives there. However my husband needs to apply for his passport. His mother was an Italian that never gave up her citizenship. We have all the relative birth marriage and death certificates but have been unable to get an appointment with the Italian consulate here in the U.K. 

So looks like we need an in with an agency for expedite things.




Depends on which consular office you want to use. The main consulate in London requires that you register on their site and book an appointment online, Tuesday mornings is one of the sessions. They will only see you if you turn up with an appointment confirmation booked via their site.

I've used Birmingham vice consulate in the past which was not a great experience. I notice that people were dropping in to get advice on citizenship without an appointment. Most people there were queuing to get a passport and it was after the Brexit vote so a bit chaotic.

I think there was a vice consulate in Manchester. It depends where you live.

Good luck as not an easy process. London seems under resourced and vice consulates rely on volunteers.

I have tried ringing Manchester consulate that still seems to be open but the number defaults to London. All I can find out is that Birmingham was closed during at least August but I'm not clear if it reopened. I used to know the previous vice consul but I've long lost his number as they used to be in Fiveways. Sorry I can't be more helpful but I am going to try and visit them one morning as I will need their services.

I have been on the consular site 'serviziconsolarionline.esteri.it' where I had previously registered and opened an account.  It has an English version.  I don't know whether it is harder to open an account these days as there seems to be more verification.  This tells me that my county is covered by London.  The Birmingham office is no longer listed, which is a pain for me as I live near Brum.  The other two consular offices are Manchester and Edinburgh.

I then clicked on 'Consulates and Institutions' and chose the option to take me to 'conslondra.esteri.it', you might be able to jump straight to this site.  It is also available in English and has alot of information for foreign and Italian nationals. I then chose Servizi Consolari e Visti'  and then clicked on 'Servizi per il cittadino straniero' then 'cittadinaza', then 'cittadinanza per discendenza'.  I then had to register an account on 'Prenot@MI' which was a real pain and it took several attempts before I managed to register an account, very frustrating.  They only release appointment slots at 17:00 on Monday and Wednesdays.  Once the limited appointments are gone then you have to wait for the next release.  My experience with Birmingham was that the slots are all gone in a very few minutes.

Sorry I can't be of more help.