Train travel from UK to ItalyJust got back from a

11/22/2023 - 13:42

Train travel from UK to Italy 


Just got back from a short visit to Italy (5 days in Piemonte near Lake Orta).  We didn't want to drive down for such a short stay, and are not very keen on flying, so we decided to try the train option.

(We had done a few train trips to Italy many years ago when I worked for UK railways and got free travel, but this was the first as a 'retiree' albeit still with some discounts)

Day 2 - we travelled London to Strasbourg, changing at Lille, and stayed in an Ibis  near the station overnight.

Day 2 was Stasbourg to Stresa with a couple of changes at Basel and Brig.  Picked up hire car in Stresa.

Found the trip very relaxing, and will almost certainly do it again for short trips some time. 

Of course it does cost, but when you consider the costs of fuel, ferries, road tolls and overnight hotels  etc it isn't as high as it seems  especially for single travellers or couples.

We may try different routes over time  just to see how they compare.




Sounds like fun and Lille is lovely. Train travel feels like part of the holiday rather than a chore. Piemonte very atmospheric at this time of year.

Many moons ago we used to travel to Italy on the Roma express with an over night coucette. It used to be the cheaper option compared to posh air travel. Loved it. Train travel in Europe is pretty good. Last year we travelled from Tuscany to Palermo on the overnight where the train gets loaded onto the ferry for Sicily. It was more interesting than flying and cheaper as the train was the hotel, us we had a day in Rome each way. Worth trying before the service disappears. It also goes to Siracusa.

How interesting, we either drive for the long stays or fly for the short, I have wondered about using the train to get there but what has put me off is working out and more, relying on the connections.

A long time ago we used to make the car journey into part of the holiday, then over Covid we travelled from UK - Italy - UK as quickly as possible now I think it's time to start enjoying the journey more slowly again.

Same here. Fly for short breaks to max time on holiday but drive for longer breaks as France, Switzerland, etc too lovely to rush and then have car available in Italy. We do use generally trains for longer trips up and down Italy for city breaks as it often avoids a dull motorway drive and city centre traffic and parking.  Like many we use the Trenitalia app which has senior and group discounts and can use English version.