Hello,I am trying to buy a house in Sardinia ,

02/29/2024 - 14:44


I am trying to buy a house in Sardinia , the notary do not speak any english so to close on the house i am assuming i need a translator to read the deed and translate it to english, any suggestions on this process, can i have the notary email me a copy of the italian lease and i will translate it before meeting him or do i need an official translator during the closing on the house, and would be an average translator fees for the task....any help will be very much appreciated.



Even if the notary was fluent in English, you would do the act in Italian.  

You have the choice of a translator  at the notary to translate the act itself - which is the most cumbersome way of doing it.   Or you can do a Power of Attorney to someone who does understand Italian and they sign on your behalf.   Either way, if you dont know what you are signing the act of sale is null.   

You are either fluent in Italian or not.   If you are you can sign the atto in Italian, if not you cannot translate your own documents.  

A translator doesnt need to be an official translator, but the notary does need to be satisfied that they know what they are doing.    


As always - very useful information from Ugo.


When I bought my place, about 20 years ago, the Estate Agent accompanied to the Notary and translated for me.  He also helped set up Bank Account and Standing Orders for gad electric and water charges.

Hi. I am also about to purchase a property in Sardinia and will submit the offer next week.  I decided to hire an Italian Real Estate lawyer who can act on my behalf with my best interests and gave him a POA, and I also do not need to open an Italian bank account. 


right no Italian account! the seller will receive your payment in foreign currency, the Italian finance office - seizes the payment for illegal currency trading - you have paid, but you will not receive the house, since the payment does not reach the seller - You really have an excellent lawyer

hi knightunder

it is extremely recommended to transfer EUROS, coming from an Italian account, into the notary's account - if you transfer money in your country's currency - the notary's bank will apply to your money the exchange rate most convenient for you (earning on the exchange rate) - if instead the your bank, transfers euros or currency into an account in your name, international interbank agreements apply - which oblige the use of the current cross-border exchange rate at the time of the transfer - or you can use one of the various banking companies operating in the market of the cross-border monetary transfer, and which, themselves, apply the exchange rate in the current currency in the destination country (normally you can interact with these companies and negotiate the exchange rate) - these are services that I DO NOT OFFER - but of which I have experience - I have been dealing - for over 25 years - with mortgages for foreign customers who purchase in Italy - many here know this

Yes.  you can change USD to euro and send it  to the notary.   To save you money and problems use a currency exchange company or Wise or something like that.   The notary will need the complete money trail for antirecycling laws, so the US issuing bank, the currency exchange company and the destination.    

Modi, you obviously know that if the negotiation, for some reason, does not go through, the notary cannot transfer his client's money outside of Italian territory... right?