Does anyone use a motorway toll tag for travel by

04/22/2024 - 16:54

Does anyone use a motorway toll tag for travel by car through France and into Italy, and if so what are your experiences and would you recommend using a toll tag? Thank you 



I use one, a Bip&Go in France - one that my son has. 

It's simple to use - fix it at the windscreen, or hold it up when approaching the toll booth, and the arm rises as you approach.  Use the Telepass booths with a 30 on it and you should be able to drive through at about 25kph.

I'd highly recommend them as you avoid any queueing at the 'pay' booths.


Alan, i've also been thinking of getting a tag. I was thinking of Telepass as the cost is the same, 4 euro for a month used but they will not ship to a UK address. Otherwise looks as good as other offers, linked to a credit card, and easy to change reg number.

A question with Bip&Go, can it be shared across different vehicles or is it linked to one reg? Never heard of this brand which seems cheaper than other offers if used in a single country, though month of use cost is hardly a deal breaker. Cheers.

Thanks for your reply Alan. I’ve been doing a bit of research and Bip & Go looks like a realistic prospect. 
What I am looking for is a facility which allows me to use it in France and Italy as I’ll be travelling from Calais to Lucca.

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One other thing, if you go via Switzerland, (it's the way I go), get the vignette from

You only pay for the vignette - no handling or postage charges.  You don't get the sticky vignette, just an 'electronic' one. You get it immediately, when you pay online.

Your car reg is put on the Swiss Motorway computers and they use their ANPR cameras check you have the vignette. 

Did it for the first time this year - so so easy.  I do keep the confirmatory email in the car, as a back up

Thanks for that Alan. In the summer we go through Great St Bernard Tunnel or Gottard Tunnel, so the electronic vignette would be all round more efficient than the sticky one. I don’t know if you’ve looked at the Bip&Go website, but their facility CAN be used in Italy - it’s an additional subscription fee over and above the arrangement  to use it in France, but in practice it can be used in Italy. I must admit I am looking forward to sailing through the barriers without having to stop and pay in both France and Italy! 

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I wasn't sure about using Bip&Go in Italy, as we don't need it for Italy, as we are in the North, near Lake Maggiore and don't need to use toll roads there.

(You might like yo look at using the Simplon Pass, rather than the tunnel routes.  We alternate between that and the Gotthard route)