Glorious Food!
Penny Bates
Eating Italy

A fabulous wine and food shop right in the Campo de Fiori, Rome

David Champa
Eating Italy

Artichokes at the mercato aperto, Padova.

Vino Rosato
Michele Morris
Eating Italy

A crisp glass of Rosato wine ready to be enjoyed at lunch in Puglia

Ready for Making Sauce
Michele Morris
Eating Italy

Flats of tomatoes ready to be cooked and made into sauce.

Pienza Kitchen Accessories
Frank Muto
Eating Italy

Our first day in Pienza was filled with exploring the numerous shops and restaurants down various side streets in one of our favorite Tuscan cities. The vibrant colors of the accessories sold themselves and promised to make any meal happy.

Market Stall Verona
Margaret Jenkins
Eating Italy

Amazing produce available at the Christmas Market in Verona. Wonderful experience visiting these vibrant and friendly markets.

First Gelato
Lindsey Hector
Eating Italy

There are few joys in this life greater than your first taste of chocolate gelato. Taken in Menaggio, Italy.

Melanie Stace
Eating Italy

Whenever we visit Pienza we love to visit the bar Idyllium where they serve the most amazing and artistic little plates of nibbles with their drinks.

Cicchetti time
John C. Bauer
Eating Italy

Stopping at one of many Venice bàcari for a glass of wine and cicchetti is a wonderful respite, and provides the opportunity to immerse yourself in a more "local atmosphere."

Gelato Festival Mania
Henry Sirolli
Eating Italy

Our first experience at the 2016 Gelato Festival.