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After a long experience in teaching Italian to Foreigners, especially Professionals and Diplomats in Rome, Corona/ Covid forced me into doing the same from remote, and that’s just what I am offering here.   I know that Skype is not the most up-to-date among socials for teaching but it remains the best, in my opinion, because the notes written in the chat stay there for 30 days and I know how useful all this is for the Student’s self checking and homework.

At the moment my students are not scattered all over the world, but I can say that they are in several Countries; from which some difficulties may sometimes arise about the time…like now, when I’m trying to arrange a time-table with someone in New Zeland. It is much easier with USA and Europe, of course.

My courses are tailored to the different needs and level of the single Student, who can choose about the number of lessons and if to use a book or not, but it is I who advises him/her, after checking their knowledge of the language.

Lessons can be one-to-one, double, group ones; and this is why I can’t give  a precise cost here, apart from the basic one, which is 27 Euros per hour (60 minutes and NOT 45, as the majority of Italian Teachers and Schools in Italy  charge in the web). Costs also vary according to the number of classes per week, as courses can be normal (2 less/week) or intensive.  I’ve just finished with a Diplomat who took 3 hours per day every day for two months, before coming and serving in Rome.

Each lesson has its well balanced timing, divided into grammar theory, usually mixed with some practice of it, and conversation.

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