Finding America: A Photo Book of Italian Immigration to the U.S.

“Trovare l’America” (Finding America) is a photo book that chronicles the lives of Italian immigrants to the U.S.:  500 images collected and selected by the Library of Congress in Washington to tell the epic story of Italians in the United States, available to the public for the first time.

From the crowded houses of the Lower East Side of Manhattan to the coal mines of Arkansas to the success achieved by Frank Sinatra and Joe DiMaggio among others: there are both unknown and famous men and women among the many faces that make up the stories of Italian immigration evoked by the book.

The volume, edited by Linda Barrett Osborne and Paul Battaglia, has a preface signed by Italian-American director Martin Scorsese. He recalls his childhood in Little Italy, writing: "When the first waves of immigrants arrived from Italy, they rebuilt the world they knew. They created a place that was called Little Italy, which had all the beauty and warmth, all the pain and internal tensions of the country they had abandoned."

"Trovare L'America" is available from Amazon or from Anniversary Books.