Italian Designers Bring Trattoria Style Chairs Back to a Colourful Life

Words by Katia Amore

At least once, during your holidays in Italy, you must have come across the typical Trattoria Chair, a sturdy wooden structure with a raffia covered sit.

Grandpa's garages and flea markets offer a wide selection of derelict examples of 'trattoria chairs' no one feels like throwing away, but know what to do with either. Until Sicilian duo PLINCA came around. Wood expert Massimo Pluchino and civil engineer Simona Incatasciato decided to give the old raffia chair another chance. A colourful chance!

Design, restyling and recycling are the three key words to define their work and each piece in their collection is also handcrafted and unique. 

After being featured at the Fuori Salone event during the Salone del Mobile in Milano in 2013, the rest of Italy came to know about them and so their fantastic chairs started travelling all over Italy to bring a touch of Sicilian colour to kitchens, b&bs and restaurants around the country. 

Enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think about my favourite one called "giummo"!