Italian Fashion Hits The Streets For Pitti Uomo 89

The mustaches are curled, thick jackets preened to perfection, and glasses? Well, these aren't your ordinary Ray-bans, folks. Yes, Pitti Uomo is in town and in its 89th edition, making Florence's cobblestoned streets and charming squares a human runway for the latest fashions. It is onsidered the world’s most important platform for men’s clothing and accessory collections mixing 1.219 buyers and designers in the Renaissance capital of Italy, with an influx of over 36,000 visitors breaking previous records. It takes place twice a year in the city of Florence.. or rather on the 'walls of pitti' Fortezza di Basso, where men taking the art of posing to another level. This year, while the mens' shows ended on the 15th, the Pitti fashion shows will continue until January 29th.

Of course the style here is highly caculated but meant to seem effortless—think plenty of layers (and patterns), mustaches, props and interesting hairstyles in vibrant attendance. This year the bold and sometimes outlandish colors/styles of the past have been replaced for a more quiet, wearable luxury. This reflecting a movement that embraces a more casual lifetsyle for the common man, with a bit of formal elements peppered within.

This year there was also the emergence of three asylum seekers who took the runway at Pitti. According to CNN it was "designed to spotlight both African fashion talent and migrant issues faced by the continent."

Thanks to Marco Badiani of the local English magazine The Florentinewe get inside look at this year's looks, bringing an ever trendier crowd to the city's 16th century fort.