Mountains of Italy

Italy boasts a large number of mountain areas that are absolutely beautiful, but often overlooked by the foreign tourist, who is more likely to head to the art cities or, if looking for nature, to the countryside. As the autumn arrives, we think this is a great time of the year to get exploring the gorgeous mountainous landscapes Italy offers.

Most mountain areas are in the north of Italy, where the Alps and the Dolomites are, but be aware that there are several national parks in central and southern Italy with impressive massifs, like the Maiella in Abruzzo or the Aspromonte in Calabria.

Trentino Alto Adige is of course the paradise of choice for all mountain lovers, where you can hike, trek, bike, climb, explore picturesque mountain villages and their history, and delight in the local food specialties. 

Enjoy this slideshow, and start planning your Italian mountain escape!

L'Aquila Province
Reggio di Calabria Province
Sondrio Province
Funes - Villnoess
Sesto - Sexten