Palummeddi: Traditional Sicilian Easter Egg Bread

Scarcelle in Apulia, Scarceddi in Basilicata, Palummeddi in Sicily. There is no Easter without the traditional egg bread shaped in all sorts of ways containing hard boiled eggs, simple or decorated with icing and/or colourful sprinkles. They are usually prepared on Saturday, to be served during Easter lunch. They are also used to decorate the table and are often left to be eaten the following day, Pasquetta, when Italians go to the countryside to celebrate with friends in a traditional 'scampagnata'! They are traditionally shaped as little handbags, hearts, dolls, baskets, nests and decorated with flowers, braids and doves. The pictures below show a selection of Sicilian palummeddi. 

Photos courtesy Museo Etnografico Antonio Uccello, Palazzolo Acreide, Siracusa.