Alan's Quiz Question - For a tenner

05/20/2009 - 05:08

After my success answering Annec's question, its my turn. However, I’m not clever enough for an ‘Italian’ question – so I’ll go for one with a ‘Greek’ connection insteadI’m a ‘sad’ man who likes numbers. I discovered a series of numbers that I use as a mental exercise - in working things out, and keeping my brain active. When I say 'discovered', I'm sure it has been found out before, but I found it again from scratchThe first two groups in the sequence [where the first number is always odd] are:-3, 5, 45, 13, 12For a tenner to the Earthquake Fund– 1, what is the 4th group?and2. What can the sequence be used for


1. 9, 41, 402. Sizing right-angled triangles using odd integers in ascending order (applying Pythagorus theorem)At least, that's what it looks like.What I can't see is how to reply to the original post. I guess replies just file in order.

Very clever answering and quick too!You have the floor for the next question if you like Kedagh? Just set it up exactly as Alan has here, new post please marked with the tag 'Abruzzo quiz'Thanks Alan for the question I took one look and scurried off ... :)