Am I in yet????

05/15/2009 - 18:37

Heeello - anybody there? I seem to be able to post even though my request to join is pending. A glitch, a back door, or my c*ck up?? Anyway, hope I'm in and I'll check back tomorrowAnne


hi annec - you can post - your request has been approved. perhaps you need to check the spam folder or there was some glitch and you didn't receive the approval message. but if you have a username and a password it means you are in. :-)

You should be able to post in the Clubhouse now... Not a t*t - I did the same thing :)It's all in the timing.Ronald - just to say that it is a little confusing - My screen gave me the option to post in the Clubhouse before it had been approved. I know I was over eager but should the option have been there?Anne has had the same problem with a slight variation.Thanks Mox