Any one with an empty 7.5 tonne van going to Italy?

Cedric Image
06/12/2011 - 18:33

OK - before we either pay a fortune for a professional company to ship our goods out to Tavernelle in Umbria or a slightly smaller fortune to hire a van to do it ourself is anyone using a 7.5 tonne van to move back to the UK from Italy mid-end July 2011 thus meaning it is empty on the outbound trip? (UK to Italy).  If so would you fancy sharing the cost of the hire of the van (or man with van if you're using one?) If we end up doing it totally solo (without man with van) can anyone tell us what we would need to get through customs etc as there is varying information on websites and we're getting quite confused.  We would avoid Switzerland as it seems quite likely they may make us empty the van and, although we have nothing to hide, it is a stressful enough and tiring journey without that.  Do you know what we need for customs on the Eurotunnel, french and italian customs/borders, I was planning on making a rudimentary inventory of the contents of van and boxes - would this be enough? Thanks a lot, can't wait to get this last hurdle over with so we can start our life in Italy Cedric x