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04/04/2013 - 17:43

An exciting Art Festival is going to be held in Bagni di Lucca during the Summer months of 2013. Fellow member Debra Kolkka announced it through her Blog "Bella Bagni di Lucca". there is also the organizer's website have been in contact with the organizers and made some suggestions. I was informed that, although Ponte a Serraglio is going to be the starting point for the festival, they plan to extend it to La Villa, as some local venues are also been used.It is a great initiative and I particularly like the idea of using empty shops to display artwork.So, if you are in the area during the Summer months, have a look at the programme and enjoy the festival.



Well, I'm not a great fan of some of the sort of art that appears on the website BUT.. there are lots of people who do like to wander round looking at art so lets hope it is a success, for the organisers and for Bagni di Lucca.   Fabbriche  

It will all depend on the quality of the work exhibited. I guess that the photographs correspond to work exhibited last year; however, I understand that the scale of the event was much smaller. I understand that this year the aims are more ambitious and that the organisers intend to extend the number of exhibiting venues to include La Villa. Already, there are events that will be held in the theatre, next to the Circolo dei Forestieri that has two beautifully renovated rooms very much suited for displays. Also, there is a project to convert the centre of La Villa into a pedestrian only area during the summer months. I think that this is a great idea as there are other alternatives to overcome traffic and parking problems. Quite a few exciting projects for our lovely area. By the way, if anyone knows of any artists who may be interested in participating, please encourage them to do so by contacting the organisers through the Festval's web site. The more, the merrier.

The Artists who do exhibit at this type of event are not to every ones taste; but what is Art to some is childish scribbles/chisels to others, but each to his/her own. Art should generate discussion and so, I am all in favour of something though that breathes life into a somewhat dreary, stuck in the past, overrated town. It will have to fight to survive in Bagni as the established order, in my opinion, are not keen to see the Arty community thrive, and with no permanent Gallery (not counting the one where you have to make an appointment to view the works) I fear that this will be far from a great success. I hope I am proved wrong.

Grabber Placebo is promoting this event Flip -  and therefore, you should respect her offerings to the forum - even though she probably wont be attending in person.  wink

Thanks Esme, but the Bagni Di Lucca area seems to suffer from an excess of 'well meaning' people, that are basically flogging a dead horse. Many of the shop keepers here have tried over the years to make a go of the town and put on Music/Entertainment shows, the majority of which have now ended as the old guard in the town (the Ladies who Cappuccino as we call them) see many Arts and Entertainment events a blight on their tranquil existence and by hook or crook get things their way. Examples of which are Gastronomic Event linked with Music blown out of the water and a good second hand shop closed due to ''it didn't fit'' attitude. As well meaning as the Art Community is and it has the backing of the Mayor, I'm afraid apathy and transient dogooders aside, it will struggle to make a success.

A great art exhibition is currently open to the public at the main salon of the Terme di Bagni di Lucca. Notice the quality of the work exhibited and the beautiful surroundings. Another fine example of what the art community in Bagni di Lucca is offering.