Bancoposta has been recommended to me

10/10/2016 - 20:10

Bancoposta has been recommended to me.  I am a dual citizen and will be spending about 5 months working in Italy.  How do I go about setting up a bank account?  Is this a good choice?  Trying out living in Italy to make "sure".  thanks so much.



I'm sure Italian banks are no different to those in other countries, apart from perhaps the charges. I don't think any in this day and age are totally safe! Best look for an on-line account, with Bancoposta I guess you would start on their site here . You may want to compare other banks by looking at the charges for each I assume Bancoposta will have their off the "trasparenza" link at the bottom of the page. Sorry I can't help regards how good they are... good luck.

Bancoposta , is very better , the only bank open saturday ! - i have it from 12 years with very pleasure - The only bank that receive bank transfert from not eu  country in three days even in Monday !  if you make attention  on NOT HAVE a  Monthly midium deposit bigger than 5000 euro  , the only fixed is 39 eur year ! - 

yes . i have it  - 5000 monthly medium in year - this is for italian financial laws - named <imposta di bollo > particularly >   

Chi è soggetto alla tassazione sui conti correnti

Vi riporto il testo della modifica proposta al Senato e che prevederebbe che “L’estratto conto o il rendiconto si considerano in ogni caso inviati almeno una volta nel corso dell’anno anche quando non sussiste un obbligo di invio o di redazione. Se gli estratti conto sono inviati periodicamente nel corso dell’anno, l’imposta di bollo dovuta è rapportata al periodo rendicontato. Se il cliente è persona fisica, <  l’imposta non è dovuta quando il valore medio di giacenza annuo risultante dagli estratti e dai libretti è complessivamente non superiore a euro 5.000”. > Those who are liable to taxation on current accountsI carry the text of the proposed amendment in the Senate and that would provide that "The statement or statements are considered in each case sent at least once during the year, even when there is not an obligation to send or drafting. If account statements are sent periodically during the year, the tax due stamp is related to Accounted period. If the customer is an individual, <The tax is not payable when the average annual stock resulting from the extracts from the books and is a total of not more than € 5,000 ". >

Thanks Ugo, I did wonder as we paid bollo on an account we used to have with them, but that was way back in 2010. I assume this >5000 came in after that, 2013 by the looks of it. Still think whoever you go with you need to look at the charges as BancoPosta still charge €1.50 per bill over the counter and €1 on-line and from what I read they are about to charge per year for having a debit card from the account?

Yes the law is from 2013 - regarding the  1 //  1,5 Eur  , every movement made with the cooperation of an employee - this is common to all of the online Italian bank accounts - Indeed, TRUE banks usually charge more - The Bancoposta, it really is not the Bank of items - but only one agreement between the Italian Post and Deutz bank - DB makes this service to customers of the Italian Post - in an exclusive relationship Convention - standard current account of the German bank, disbursed from its branches in Italy, he has the same efficiency. but it costs much more -if you are using for your payments on ATMs of the items, which, according to the POS operating, sometimes doubles as a credit card - you do not pay any transfer fee, from the bank account to the card / debit card If instead - reload - your debit card American Express called, pay 1.00 EUR, which is the payment of the transfer fee from your account postal banking, your account poste pay - If you transfer your money from one account to another postal banking postal banking account - you make a movement called GIRO and this movement costs 0.50 instead of 1.00 euro.