Beach Rugby Master Final

07/23/2011 - 05:06

Not withstanding the grim looking weather; the National Finals of the Italian Beach Rugby Tournament will take place today and tomorrow at Alba Adriatica - Chalet Il Faro. Both male and female teams will compete in their respective catagories for the titale of Champions of Italy. At the end of play today (Saturday) there will be a fun match in memory of Luca Tullii - ex secretary of L.I.B.R.; the organisers of the national events - who sadly passed away prematurely this year. This match will be between Teramo Rugby and the 'All Bluffs' .The 'All Bluffs' are a charitable status club drawn from all over Italy whose main scope is to raise funds for charity and to promote the game of Rugby in all its varieties to young and old alike, the emphasis on deprived areas of the peninsula.I'll be there today (Sat) along with the missus Jean and daughter Becky. If you've nothing better to do please come along and say "hello".