Black Truffle recipes

07/29/2010 - 12:04

Does anybody have any recipes for cooking black truffles. We had one today, cooked in an omelette in the French style, but would like to know if anyone has used them with pork, as still have another 2 to use up before they go off.


I haven't used them with pork but I have used them in a pasta sauce, which will keep. It's in Alastair Little's Italian Kitchen: Basically, you make an onion anddried funghi porcini sauce, then grate some truffle into it. Put in a preserving jar and cover with truffle oil [which you could also make]. Pat

Pork and black truffles go very well together. Just make some incisions in your usual roast pork cut, fill them with little slivers of black truffle and put it in the oven. Also delicious with poultry, prepared in the same way. Scrambled eggs and truffle is also great. Delicious in a risotto as well.... The sky is the limit!!!! Enjoy!