Book Swap again - any takers?????

03/10/2010 - 09:21


  Had success posting last time, so thought I'd try again......Have lots of mainly paper back books - novels, some recent some older but a all a good read....Anyone interested in swapping say, 30 books, living in Sarnano, Amandola, Fallerone region please contact me for list of titles.

 Hey mate; should you foray forth in our direction (Castel di Lama - Lidl; Citta delle Stelle etc) we have boxes of recent books in the garage that we would love to swop. That's if you can even get out of the drive at your end if you have the same snow coverage as us!

This is a great idea, for us (my friends) it was like some kind of game even. It was also economical, bought books and changed constantly. I was so into it that I even started pay for research papers, found for it. My parents always wanted me to read a lot. Their dream can be said to have come true, although everything went to this, they forced me to constantly read as a child.