Booking flights - avoiding high admin fees

09/22/2011 - 05:47

Apologies if some of you have a sense of deja vu but, as the only reply to my earlier post under Ryanair charges for using credit cards etc was from Andiamo (thank you!), I thought I might get a better response under a more specific heading.A friend told me they had booked Ryanair flights through Travel Republic to avoid the £6 each way per person admin charge. I did some research on flights for 4 people from Stansted to Rome and the price of the flights via the Ryanair website was the same as booking them through the Travel Republic website ie £242.94. On top of that Ryanair would then charge £6 each way per person admin charge - an additional £48. However, Travel Republic charge 1.25% of the total cost if paying by debit card and 2.5% if paying by credit card. That would be a saving of over £40. Has anyone else used an agent like Travel Republic to book Ryanair or Easijet flights and were there any problems?



Sorry can't help you there, as  I fly Easy jet but not Ryanair. Seems to me though that 'you pays yer money and takes yer choice' it's not as though they are hiding their charges, it's more a case of if you think it's reasonable overall then use the carrier. With a booking company they will always try to balme the carrier if anything goes wrong; which means that you fork out £250 for nothing.... I think the days of cheap flights are rapidly coming to an end, and anyone who thinks that they should be paying a few quid for a flight, is somewhat deluded. All the advertising of £1 flights is a marketing me I know.!!