Bottled Gas -vs- Natural Gas

donna de amusa Image
11/19/2011 - 08:14

We have been using bottled gas for the past year but now have the opportunity of switching to natural gas. Has anyone else switched? If so are there any advantages / disadvantages ? Are costs higher or lower?All opinions welcome. Thanks



as a by product of installing gas free heating systems - wood - solar - heat pump - I find that a couple of bottles is enough for cooking. So you are potentially already there and can avoid the hassles and costs of a shared system.  Bombolas are old hat things where the gas companies charge you enough to recover their cost.  Our geometra installed one when the house was restored but it goes for 6 years between fill ups and is mainly used for cooking....

Thanks for your comments everyone.   Unfortunately as we're not residents we're not entitled to cheaper electricity rates.   Although the flat is very small,  we're currently dependent on gas for cooking and hot water and electricity for heating. We will have the choice next year to switch to LPG, and although more convenient, if anyone knows anying about running costs against bottled gas I'd be pleased to hear your views, particularly as we only spend approximately 6 months of the year there and don't let it.