Buongiorno. I am an Italian writer,

07/15/2019 - 07:08

Buongiorno. I am an Italian writer, journalist, video-maker and scholar in my 60th. I offer free online Italian language classes in exchange of English editing of my articles. 



I may be interested in your proposal. Do you have a program of Italian lessons that can take a beginner to learn to speak by just reading the lessons and doing the exercises?
What kind of articles do you write that require editing help?

Dear I am Interested in your proposal .kindly let me know how and when you are going to start this free italian lesson .I love to learn italian .plz let me know by email which is as fellow: rbtravels777@gmail.comRegards Dr Bhatti

hello .i love to be part of you and learn italian .i can speak english very well but little italian .i love to learn more .i am very thankful to you if you support me in this .i live in Trento .

What is the volume of what you want edited? How often? I am not an english language scholar by any means. So if you are looking for professinal editing, I cannot do that. I would just like regular conversation versus actual lessons. I just want to be somewhat conversant. I would start mid January to late March.

Buongiurno.  I am a female about the same age as you.  I live in Toronto Canada and attend an Italian language class part time.  I'm interested in improving my Italian and if you are still looking for help in translating your work I would be very pleased to help you, and would look forward to taking some lessons/speaking with you.  I will look forward to hearing from you.  Cynthia