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05/14/2010 - 22:35

We will be retiring to Calabria very shortly and looking for as much information/help/guidance on buying a new Fiat Punto.   Does anyone have any idea on the price range for a 1.4 litre engine?   Preferably automatic if possible. I was of the opinion that it would not be possible to buy a car without first being granted residency, but another member of this forum has advised me that it is not necessary to be a resident if I was buying a new car. I would be grateful for any feedback Thanks Donna      



Itdepends on whether the dealer or the local motoriszzazzione has read the minsterial circulars! I had clients who bought a new car here in Sicily and the dealer/officialdom insisted that they had a carta di soggiorno, until I sent a ream of faxes to prove they didnt.  Technically buying a car (whether new or old) is a transfer of beni mobili (cars, boats, planes and works of art) and requires a 'passaggio di proprietà, which in turn requires that the state knows where you live.  So you will need either residency or apply for a carta di soggiorno as EU citizens which will let you buy a new car without having the residency.   (The C di S is not the same as the Permesso di Soggiorno  or the CdS/Attestazione di residenza permanente that you hear so much about - its a version of the PdS for European citizens)

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Thanks for your advice.   Do you know whether the onus for obtaining the correct paperwork / compliance with the law lies with the buyer of the vehicle or the dealer who sells the vehicle.     For instance, if the dealer has sight of the codice fiscale, passport, proof of address, and Italian  bank account,   is that sufficient to satisfy the authorities ?

The car dealer should sort it all out - and they are so keen to sell new cars that they would probably clean your house and muck out the pigs.  HOwever, if the local motorizazzione decide they need a carta di soggiorno it will be down to to you to sort it out, if you dont have residence.  If you do have residence a carta d'identità will be enough to satisfy the authorities.

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Thanks very much, I now feel that we're getting somewhere!   Are the "local motorizazzione" to be found at the commune (our equivalant of the town hall)  or is it like our DVLC ? Donna

The motorizzazzione will be found in the regional 'capital'  and they are notoriously rubbish at picking up phones, or knowing anything useful! 

The easiest way to do all the paperwork etc is to go to a 'sbrigapratica' a shop that will handle all your paperwork for a fee - it's well worth the money - about 60 euros... they do it all the time, but it will depend on your ITalian, Ive never found one that speaks English.   

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Thanks for the tip !!   Will follow it up and post my findings. If my last post seemed a bit weird it's because I got really excited thinking it was more useful advice from those who had already ran the marathon of car registration only to find that it was a nuisance/hoax message.

This is an open message to those inviting me to contact them and share in their "billionnaire"  lifestyles.  Please don't waste your time because I shall simply block you from sending me any further messages.    A pity that there isn't a spam filter or anywhere the nuisance PM can be sent to.