Buying furniture

02/20/2013 - 13:10

My partner an I need to furnish a holiday apartment in Calabria we have just bought, apart from ikea is there any other places we can buy bedroom/ sitting room furniture from, please help



Hi there I think you will find threads on this fromthe past but, we found it  difficult to find what we wanted to furnish our house when looking in Northern Tuscany. I'm afraid we have had quite a lot of secondhand furniture brought down from England. Good quality secondhand is cheap and plentiful in UK. Ikea was great for sofa, bed, kitchen etc..   Have fun.   Fabbriche

Perhapsnit is not as easy to find furniture shops in some areas of Italy; however, there is an increasing number of online stores that deliver throughout Italy, such as You can also Google "mobili online" and you will find plenty of offers. I have not used any of these companies, but perhaps others have done it and may give personal advice.