Can anyone help? Im looking for recommended builders such as&

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01/05/2020 - 07:29

Can anyone help? Im looking for recommended builders such as 

Flooring specialists/fitters

Waste Disposal Companies


And any other companies that are recommended, reviewed would be greatly appreciated!

In the area of Madonna Di Campiglio/Pinzolo Italy 2 hours from Verona/Milan.






I am an architect based in Milan working on refurbishment projects on the lakes or within a 2 hour drive distance from Milan.  

I would love to help you.... but I cannot. 

Madonna Di Campiglio/Pinzolo is a beautiful part of the world, but it is a bit out of my range. It is more than 3 hours drive form Milan.

You are asking for detailed local knowledge for  quite a remote place.

It will be best to find a local or “at least more local than me (Milan)” Architect or Geometra who ought to have access to the information you seek. The Estate Agent from which you bought the house may also be able to assist you.

All in all, the info you seek is usually part and parcel of running a refurb. Project, and usually involves a commission prior to getting such info. I am not sure of your objectives, for example if you are wanting to run your refurb. project yourself, then obviously anyone with that sort of info will not want to pass it on to you without a commission or at least something in return, so you may need to give some sort of incentive in order to gain the info…..this is particularly the case in remote parts of the world – all over the world.

It may also be more convenient, less stressful and in the end cheaper to let the local professional run the job for you - but as I say I do not know your end objectives, so I may have got the wrong end of the stick.


All the best with your plans,