Car Hire for 1 month

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07/27/2009 - 06:56

Hi...I have guests staying at the moment who would like to travel around Tuscany for 1 month. Does anyone have a spare car that they would like to rent out for 1 month or know of a reasonable car hire company...Can be picked up from Le Marche or Tuscany.



Try the address and not .it, as the are more expensive!I've always found them really reasonable and having done a quick check $1137 (about £700) for 30 days seems pretty good.Loaning a car for hire may have insurance implications, so anyone thinking of doing this should check with their insurer.

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Russ/ Shirlitalia, We used to use Auto Europe when coming over too and always found them very reasonable. Some guests staying at the moment hired a car for 3 weeks for just ove £240 from them! Very good value considering there is ment to be a shortage of rental cars and prices have gone up in general. Just one tip - it you use the UK site rather than the USA one, I have always found the prices to be much cheaper.

When I was traveling to Italy, I rented a car for 2 weeks to visit all the places I had planned. 
My friends recommended me to rent a car at one of the airports because it was convenient and time-saving here more details