Car Insurance in the EU for greater than 90 days

12/17/2011 - 10:36

I own a house in Marche, where we spend around 6 months each year. I have a UK car, (taxed and insured in the UK) and we normally manage to persuade our insurer (Aviva) to extend their 90 day standard EU cover by an additional 90 days to cover our trip. This year however the cost of that extension is exorbitant, pratically the annual premium again. Does anyone have any recommendations for UK insurers who would cover a 6 month trip to Italy?



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Badger is right - we've been using Stuart Collins simply because there is no limit on the length of time during the year that the car can be out of the UK.   The best Saga could offer was a 90 day period, and that was absolutely exhorbitant. Most of the other property owning Brits that I know in Calabria with their UK registered cars also use Stuart Collins.      

Donna, I think you'll find that SAGA is unlimited European travel; well that's what it says on my policy with them.......I have checked and they did say that there is no time restrictions on travel in Europe.

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Thankyou everyone for your input - I had tried Saga, and it was very expensive for 6 months cover in the EU, I got a quote from Stuart Collins - which was very reasonable, however, I found out that the National Farmers Union provide car insurance for up to 6 months abroad in any 12 month period, at a good rate. It is always handy to have this 'chat-room' for when you need some advice   Happy Christmas to everyone