Carol B

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08/22/2010 - 17:12

I learn, with great sadness, that Carol B has died. Many here will remember her well for her unwavering courage, determination & humanity. She was a strong & intelligent lady that did not suffer fools gladly. She helped many people on this forum, us included, & we will miss her.  Pilch


I also received a PM last night giving me the sad news. Carole was a great lady, very intelligent and a real asset in the forum. I personally feel very sad knowing that she will no longer be with us. A friend sent me this  from another forum and I think that, for those of us who never met her before, we would like to see what she looked like. Carole, may you rest in peace.

This is very sad news.  I always admired Carole for her immense knowledge on all things Italian and her willingness to help members with their many questions. May she rest in peace.