Christmas book list

12/13/2009 - 09:02

We are compiling our Christmas book list for Amazon, has anyone got any favourites to recommend, especially ones with an Italian theme?. Have read most of Donna Leon and Michael Dibden, so something else would be appreciated.A



Hi you two. Here are a couple: Extra Virgin by Annie Hawes -pretty good A Valley in Italy by Lisa St Aubin de Teran - OK, but she obviously has too much money!! Italian Neighbours by Tim Parks - excellent The Italian Quarter by Domenica de Rosa - excellent Another good one but based on Spain is Driving Over Lemons. Cant't remember who wrote it but it was the drummer in Genesis before the little feller, Phil Collins. It's very good and there is also a sequel called somthing like A Parrot in a Tree. Happy ordering.   SimonandJo                 i

  I just read a book called  Where The Hell Have You Been - its a great story about a man who was captured in North Africa and sent to a POW camp in Northern Italy and its about his journey south after escaping to rejoin the allies. Its a great story anyway but when you hear of the villages on his journey especially in Abruzzo it gives it a special edge as i and am sure most of you know them. Its by Tom Carver and its about his Father who was Montys stepson. It is beautifully written even if you are not into WW11 history

HI WE have some 20 or more books in our loft on Italy, from those based in Venice to mainly Tuscany and renovation experiences. if you would like a list PM me regards Roger. acca Masterphoto  :D

  Angie and Robert it is there i just put in the search tom carver where the hell have you been its £10.19 it really is a fantastic book i enjoyed it so much i emailed tom carver and told him so and he sent a very nice reply, he is bbc correspondent in washington i think. The journey starts in Fontanellato and winds its way through the Appenines, Gran Sasso,  La Maiella and finishes at Atessa

 Hi Angie and Robert Apologies for posting this too late for Christmas books but I recommend a non-fiction book The Lady in the Palazzo by Marlena di Blasi.  It is mainly about finding somewhere to live in Orvieto but is so rich in imagery it assails the senses.  Also includes a few recipes.  I could not put it down and finished it in 2 days on a visit to Italy in the summer.  On the  flight home from Italy the lady in front was reading it and was similarly enthralled.  For those who don't know of the author she is a US cookery writer who has lived in Italy for some years since marrying her Venetian husband.   Since reading The Lady ...  I have also read A Thousand Days in Venice which covers meeting her husband to be and their life in Venice.  I enjoyed that too but not as much.

Hello Angie and Robert,  One of my favourites is E.M Forester - A Room with a View  and recently Frances May - Under the Tuscan Sun & The Sweet Life in Italy. Summers Lease by John Mortimer is also a good read. I hope this is helpful.

I highly recommend "In God's Name" by David Yellup.  To quote the blurb on Amazon: "it's been at the top of the bestseller lists all over the world. It contains some of the most explosive and dramatic revelations ever published about the internal affairs of the Vatican." I read it when it was first published - and with each "new" edition, it has been updated.  I found it fascinating but also, to some extent, appalling - and friends who have since read it themselves agree. Two literally read it cover to cover - going without sleep to finish it as they just couldn't put it down! I should point out however that some people might find it offensive, in that the Vatican does not come out of it in a very good light....