Christmas in Marche

08/17/2011 - 13:01

I've just booked flights for 23rd December for whole family including seni-reluctant grown-up children. Two scenarios present themselves to me. One - being one of those people on the telly I've always laughed at spending Christmas sleeping on the floor of Stansted airport.Two - getting there and having a great time.If Two - I'd love any suggestions for how to make it a memorable Christmas - food, drink, wine, skiing and events generally. I particularly want to enthuse my 20-somethings for future tripsIf One - feel free to laugh



Hi Anne! I do hope that you will not have any trouble at Christmas with strikes. I will light a candle to Saint Christopher (patron saint for travellers) on your behalf. He may be able to convince the strikers wink There is a thread in the old forums that has lots of information regarding Christmas food: I wish you a lovely Christmas!

Not sure about the ski-ing for Christmas in the Sibillinis, it may be a LITTLE early for snow, There well be LOTS of food and wine, the festas will become clearer nearer the time, dependent upon where in Le Marche you are located Get in touch in (say) november to get the latest. S

Yup - probably too early for skiing (but who knows). Boxing Day living presepi in Comunanza. New Years Eve Party under the loggia in Amandola. How long are you staying? Honestly, Christmas is a bit quiet usually - sorry :-)

Unless your flights are all booked up i might advise that you get here a bit earlier than foreseen in order to "get the stuff in x christmas" because as penny says a lot of places including restaurants are actually closed at christmas....unless something unusual happens there isn't generally any snow around christmas or not enough for skiing.