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05/25/2009 - 16:42

Ciao allI've been learning italian for several years and have an apartment in Sansepolcro.  I  live full time in the UK in Herts, does anyone know of anywhere nearby that I could take Italian GCSE in January (or November)?I would like to get the GCSE to show for my efforts.Thanks By the way I hate to sound like a grumpy old woman but I liked the old format.  I expect I'll get used to this one eventually,  


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 Hi Cinghiale,is there any particular feature that looks too hard to use for you? If there are any, I advice you and others to carefully look at this new section which helps new users to learn more about the new, it would be better to move the conversation elsewhere - if you would like to continue it - to let people answer Headyheady question about Italian language.

Talk to your local education Authority to find out which schools teach Italian to GCSE level. Then talk to the school and ask them to add you to the list of 'pupils' to be examined.  They may also be able to help with general advice/learning support. [We did our Italian GCSE's at the local school - my son sat his GCSE Italian at the same time  [all passed] Herts exam dates are shown on .

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"Maybe they allowed you because your son was there."No - a group of us was doing evening classes in Italian - about 10 of us sat in with the kids for the exam If you can't find a school that will allow you to 'sit in' on the exams, I'd suggest you talk to your local Education Department - they should be able to arrange something. This website lists places in Herts that do Italian - try these to see if you can take the exam with them  .