Ciao a tutti! This is Georgette, your

12/12/2018 - 20:08

Ciao a tutti! This is Georgette, your editor, with a question for you all. Do you, or someone you know, have experience purchasing property in Italy and would you be willing to share your own story as part of a new series on Italy Magazine?We are very keen to help others learn the personal struggles people may face when buying a property abroad with the help of homeowners. You can email us at or We look forward to hearing from you soon! 



Almost two years ago, we wanted to purchase a house in Italy. We found one and began the process to purchase. However, after we had signed the compremesso, earthquakes hit Le Marche where the house was. After visiting, it became clear that the contract should be cancelled.
I have a lot of information I can share with others as well as a great book for reference and thought.

We have not completed a transaction yet, but are in the process of purchasing a home in Piemonte. We have agreed on a price but have not signed the Preliminary Purchase Contract yet. We are United States citizens and this is our first and probably only international real estate transaction. We have learned a great deal during this process which started in earnest in October, 2019 with a week long house hunting trip to the area. 
I would be happy to share our experiences to date. 

I bought my apartment in Ivrea. My family is from a small mountain town about 15 minutes from there and I've been researching my family history in that region for 35 years.

I don't live there full time. My goal is to visit for long weekends once a month, but lately I've been several times a year.

Are you living in your place full time?

I went house shopping over a long weekend in January of 2017....and then worked to purchase a property....all connected to my dual citizenship and genealogy research I have worked on for about 35 years. I'd be happy to share my story. I bought in the Piemonte region.