Ciao!Does anyone have suggestions for

07/26/2019 - 13:26

Ciao!Does anyone have suggestions for language schools in Italy? Especially in the southern Italy... I am a university student and I would like attend a course where the avarage age is not too old and where I can learn the language by simultaneously exploring the Italian culture withn little trips etc. I am not a beginner but A2/B1, therefore, I would prefer an intensive course..Any suggestions? :)


Goodday to you dear lady Liturchi. I am an international freelance teacher. We came back recently from teaching English in...……..Italy Abruzzo. But just to ask you if you could find a solution and a good language teacher and school? We do teach Italian as well in Italy in brief mini course weekends. In 1 weekend you can learn on HOW TO LEARN Italian and how to proceed progressively by selfstudy! Hope to hear from you. my private email is and our website is best regards, Daniel ROSSI

Hello! I am very glad that I got to such a wonderful site, where they ask such interesting questions. The question of the level of knowledge of a foreign language is very acute not only at the university but also at work. Indeed, now there is a shortage of such in the labor market and you need to intensively submit your level of a foreign language. I searched a lot on this issue on the Internet but decided to order a few articles on the website, where I was surprised by the quality of work. And of course, I recommended everyone to take English courses at school and at the university, because it requires skill for everyone

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Goodday, I have read your interesting message. Are you still working with the site you suggested? My email is and if you send an email to confirm I will definitely be interested in the page! Daniel.

Goodday signorina, are you still learning italian of looking for? We are at this moment teaching short language program for those whom may be interested! have a nice day. Daniel ROSSI