CiaoI am an american Now Living in Rovigo with my

11/23/2021 - 12:58


I am an american Now Living in Rovigo with my husband.We are here while he gets his dual citizenship !

We have been to many places in Bella Italia ! We are thinking about new places to visit for a 1 or 2 night stay .

Any suggestions would be so so much appreciated 

We just drove all around the Veneto area Absolutely Beautiful.

Anyway I shall wait for any replies 

Gazie e mille 

Sally and Michael Catalana





I am also here with my wife trying to get my dual citizenship but I am in Sicily. Have you ever been to Cefalu? I promise that being here will change your life forever...I am absolutely loving it. I would like to speak with you and your husband further about the status of his has been quite daunting for me...yet not necessarily on the Italian side. 

Best regards,

Peter (and Yolanda) Miceli

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Hi Peter!

Unfortunately, getting Italian dual Citizenship in the south area or in a busy city like Milan is not as fast as foreigners expect.

Sally, should you decide to come to Palermo and nearest places (Cefalù, Mondello, etc.) you will enjoy the nice wether, even during winter time, amazing history, and welcoming people!

I can also introduce some expats who got Italian citizenship here, since they are my loyal clients :)

Same as Peter, I would like to know if your dual citizenship process is proceeding smoothly, since several clients who wanted to move to Italy and get their dual citizenship eventually had to hire a lawyer to come to the end of the process. How was your experience?


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