Ciao!When we move from the US to Sicily

09/09/2016 - 09:35

Ciao!When we move from the US to Sicily we will sell nearly everything we own because the cost of international shipping is quite expensive.  Once we get there we will need to purchase many things and start all over. We will rely on friends and relatives in the area for recommendations on the best place to purchase furniture, appliances and so forth.  However, we also plan to purchase items online using and we're wondering if getting shipments this way, or packages from the friends in the US for that matter, will be difficult since our Italian home is in the country and has no specific house number.  It is not far from town, but it's on a dirt road with about 5 other houses, none of which has a number.  I know there is a Mail Boxes, Etc nearby, as well as other similar private postal service stores for shipping things out of Italy but does anyone know if we will be able to RECEIVE large packages at these places on a regular basis and if so, what the cost of doing so might be?  The other option is dealing with the Post Office which I hear can be a nightmare. 



The condition of the dirt road might be a problem, but we live very rural in a not to easy place to find. For Amazon we put the GPS location in our address, but not many seem to use it, then again they have no excuse saying they can't find it. Most deliveries we have had are on the small side and SDA have done all the amazon stuff, both and Have to say they have been hit and miss, number have called us and asked us to meet them, some once they knew the place were great others just posted we were not in or the address ws wrong, then delivered a day or so later after I complained to amazon. Getting stuff from the USA may be okay, but you may run into customs here - you don't want to! Cost considering where we live is not too bad, perhaps a little more then the UK, but it also take twice to three times longer if not more!! Deliveries from most places we have used in Italy is a total rip-off, then again they know how hard it is to get to some places... Good luck in your venture.