Clearly it is a bad idea to buy a property

06/17/2024 - 02:10

Clearly it is a bad idea to buy a property with a cadastral category of C/2  (warehouse/storage) to live in (even though many of them have been developed nicely with kitchen/bathroom) but is it possible from an official point of view to buy one for your own personal use as an occasional *holiday* home?

Some people on this site have said things like 'no one can stop you sleeping in a C/2' which suggests that as long as you are not a full time resident of the C/2 property you can stay there on a temporary basis - so my question is how long would that be? Does anyone know if the authorities would tolerate someone staying there for 2 weeks for example? Are there any guidelines - or does it depend on the subjective interpretation of the official who deals with you? (The property I have in mind is close to Lake Como)

Thanks for any info you have!




a C2 is not and never could be habitable..   If you put in a bathroom and connect it to the sewer without the relevant pratica, that's a big problem.  If you dont have enough windows to ensure aeration and light, as well as other stuff,  you cant change the destination to a house.  Its true, nobody can stop you sleeping in your garage, but its not a house.  You certainly can never rent it out.   When you decide to sell, its still a C2 and can only be sold as such.    Living in a C2 does mean fines and sanctions if they catch you.     If its part of a condominium they can stop you living in it, but they cant stop you doing the necessary work to make it habitable and doing a change of destination.  Obviously if its only 2 metres high you can never make it a habitable property legally.    If you were to apply for a visa to stay here longer than is currently allowed, the address would not be acceptable.    Alot depends on where and what your C/2 is - the neighbours could make life very difficult. 


thanks, all your info is valid and useful but is it possible from an official point of view to buy one for your own personal use as an occasional *holiday* home? As you said it can't be lived in as an official address or on any kind of permanent basis and can only be sold as a C/2 but are you able to stay there from time to time on a temporary basis and if so do you know how long you would be allowed?

Youre trying to split hairs.  Its a C2 you cant live in it, either for a week or a year.  Your question is how long could you get away without anyone noticing that you are living in a magazzino.   That depends on your neighbours or if you get stopped by the police.

Is it already an apartment that you want to buy that is a C2, or is it a magazzino that you would turn into a holiday home? 

Not trying to split hairs, trying to clarify what the rules are. If you can't live (personally I would use the word 'stay' rather than 'live') in it for a week, presumably you can't live in it for a 24 hour period either, in which case the statement  'no one can stop you sleeping in a C/2' cannot be correct.

I have seen people on youtube renovate C/2s (old barns etc) in the Italian Alps and stay there for a limited amount of time, long weekend etc. I just wondered if there are formal limits to how long you can stay in a C/2 or it just depends on whether the authorities remain unaware of what is going on or choose to turn a blind eye.

Using a property categorized as C/2 (warehouse/storage) as a holiday home can be a complex issue, as it involves local zoning laws and regulations that vary by location. In general, properties are assigned a cadastral category based on their intended use, and using them for a different purpose might require a change in classification or special permissions.