Codice Fiscale without an address in Italy?

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06/07/2010 - 11:25

OMG, without wishing to jinx anything it seems that our purchase of a ruined farmhouse in Marche may finally be able to proceed after an insurance company has stepped in to take on the inheritance risk resulting from the previous transaction!! Whilst I'm waiting for various confirmations, I thought I'd go ahead and sort out a Codice Fiscale from the consulate here in London - but on reading the application form I see a problem - they ask for a full address in Italy. The property we are buying doesn't have an address yet, will the road name, postcode and comune suffice?  Any ideas? brancusi



Usually SNC is used when there is no door number (senza numero civico). You could try that. Alternatively, get the codice fiscale sent to the estate agent you are using. That is very common too. It can always be changed afterwards.

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Ah ...  THAT'S what SNC means - I saw that in a former deed of sale and wondered if it was pertinent. The funny thing is the catasto says "contrada xxxxx Piano: T-1" which is just a description of the fact that there is a ground and first floor! I've asked the agent and the italian consulate here as well (in my faltering italian, should be amusing to see what language they choose to respond in!) so will see what transpires. Thanks again brancusi