Cold Feet or What?

09/28/2012 - 09:42

One or two things raise their ugly heads whilst dreaming of moving abroad. Homesickness, yes I'm sure everyone has pangs of it . Quite a few people retire to Italy in later years, but after a while of living there, do they then dream of say, Bluebell woods, a pint at their local, watching their grandchildren grow up and missing the family back in the U.K. Missing their own language and their own humour. Not being able to discuss in depth points of view with their Italian neighbours, and dreaming of a cool night in the middle of those overpoweringly hot ones...Do you find that you make friendships amongst the Ex-pat community and stay within that group? Does it not limit your Italian language skills? Can you actually totally fit in amongst the Italians...or are you seen as the Inglese. I find Italians to be quite conformists after a certain age and a little unyielding. Also, isn't there a lot of racism in Italy?Whilst I was on one of my visits I met an English ex-pat who came over with her husband and enjoyed 7 years of bliss until her husband suddenly and unexpectedly died. They had no family in Italy. She felt alone &, as she had left most of the conversation to her husband, could speak very little Italian. What to do? Houses are not selling in Italy as well as they were. So, she was stuck in Italy. Although her neighbours tried to help they could not really comfort her. I suppose that whilst one has the "choice" to stay or go back home that's fine but once the choice is taken away... She has no other option, no second home in the U.K, no family with enough room to put her up, even if she wanted it. .Maybe the dream of living abroad, as so many things are, just something for the wealthy. I imagine normal people, those without huge wads of cash to fall back on, have to be less impulsive and weigh up all the pros and cons before jumping in as well as ensuring there is a plan B, or a plan C, or even a plan D. Yes, it's great that your Italian neighbours will bring you fresh veg and vino and water your plants but they cannot be expected to care for you when you are ill or alone. Just a couple of the things I worry about when I lie awake planning my dream move to Italy.


I sympathise with Dave's death, but hardly think that an attack on Italians is the way to best present a case for an expat view of Italy.  Surely this only points out the problems with people trying to live an English life in Italy, do you not agree? Problems that can only ever end in the tears of the expat trying to live here, whilst refusing to engage with real life here in Italy. Tell your "friend" that she should learn Italian, engage fully with her community and start to live here as though her life depends upon it. Like every Italian does.