Como stop over

06/24/2012 - 11:47

We have just returned from a driving trip (slog!!) to the UK, and on the way back, we booked into a BARGAIN IBIS hotel in 'Grandate'. Literally 5 minutes walk away a brand new restaurant has opened, (Capriccio - EXCELLENT, well worth calling in if you are nearby. There is a gelataria as you enter and the restaurant is upstairs.S


Just by way of adding a little detail - Grandate is only a few mins from Como Sud autostrada exit, and the Iper there is terrific. It's the only supermarket where I have been able to get fresh porcini (at a mere €96 per kilo!). You can also buy a Chinese car from Iper, if you think you'd like one. As a quick stopover I guess Grandate is OK, but Como itself is just up the road and is a lovely town. Terry