Dear All, my husband and I are looking

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11/04/2015 - 07:11

Dear All, my husband and I are looking for a place in Friuli (area my husband parents come from) or le Marche to open a B&B or a small Hotel. Is anyone runing a similar business in one of this areas? What are the regulations (TAX, number of rooms, license)? Are there enough tourists in the area to run a business? Is anyone of you living of the profit of the business and is this possible?I know - a lot of questions. But it would be great to get some advice. Thanks a lot for aswering any of this questions.All the best Ny



Have you thought about the possibility of buying an existing business? It may be a safer bet, particularly if you are new to the business and the country.As for the other questions, it may be difficult to get precise answers. It would be like gazing into a crystal ball, as the answers will depend on a multitude of any case, I wish you all the best.

Perhaps you should investigate the reasons why those existing businesses are up for sale and do not look very prosperous or attractive. I would say that you need to look into the number of tourists visiting the area and what type of accommodation they favour. No matter how great your new business may look and be, if there are no potential customers... Italy has a huge offer ranging from hotels to B&B and holiday apartments. Many people dream about opening that little boutique hotel and work very hard for that dream; however, without a lot of planning, knowledge and sufficient funds to survive the always difficult beginnings, the dream may become a nightmare. Not trying to put you off, just telling you to be careful.

We were on vacation in Marche last year, in Sarnano.  Villa San Rafaello is a wonderful place and its owners were very helpful as far as providing us with information on the industry in the region and properties for sale of this sort.  You may want to try to reach out to them on Facebook or their website you luck on your answers,-Hera

Hello NY, why not take into consideration the area just north of Rome, on Lake Bracciano. For example Anguillara is 30 mins by direct train to S Peters, and yo're right in the centre of Rome. Anguillara is set  on Lake Bracciano and  is 20 km from the sea. 2 international airports are easily reached by Rome's circular road, in less than an hour, (Leonardo da Vinci  and Ciampino for cheap flights). You are right in the middle of tourist hubs,  with year round tourism. Anguillara city council, and many other touristy towns in Lazio,  allow 3 rooms to be let as b and b without much fuss and with  no vat number. This is just an example of what you an find around Anguillara: independent property comprising single house with 3 apartments and 3 hectares of arable land, further extension  permission already granted. All going or 530,000,00 euros.  If you'd like to know more about this property or similar ones please contact me at